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RISC OS 4 is an version of the RISC OS operating system which was first released in 1999. It is the first version of RISC OS to be released by RISCOS Ltd after its discontinuation by Acorn Computers Ltd, and serves as a continuation of the unreleased RISC OS 3.80.[2]

It was succeeded by RISC OS Select in 2002.

Version history

Version Release date Computers Details
4.00 1999-07[1] Only sold at the Acorn Southeast Show 1999
4.01 1999-07
4.02 1999-09[1]
4.03 1999-11 R7500, Mico, Kinetic Customised variants for new computers.[2]
4.04 2001-01 Restored support for ARM610 and ARM710 processors, which had been removed in the Kinetic version of 4.03.[2]
4.05 2003-03[3] Intended for use with Millipede Alphalock systems