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RISC OS 3 is an operating system written by Acorn Computers Ltd, and first released in 1991. It is the successor to RISC OS 2.

It was succeeded by RISC OS 4 in 1999.

Version history

Version Release date Computers Details
3.00 1991 A5000 ROM size increased to 2 MB
Applications and many modules moved to ROM
3.10 1992 A3010
Major bugfix release
ARM250 support
Sold as an official ROM upgrade for earlier Archimedes series and A3000 machines.
3.11 1992 Minor bugfix release
3.19 1993 German release
Last version to support pre-RiscPC machines
3.50 1994 RiscPC First version to support RiscPC machines
Applications moved to hard disk
!NewLook integrated into ROM
3.60 1995 A7000 ROM size increased to 4 MB
Applications moved back to ROM
Supports hard disks larger than 512 MB
ARM7500 support
3.70 1996 StrongARM support
3.71 1997 A7000+ ARM7500FE support
3.80 1998 RiscPC
Phoebe 2100
Long filenames
Large directories
Big discs
IOMD2 and Phoebe hardware support.
Available only to developers, not publically released.