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The ARM700 is a CPU designed by ARM Ltd, and originally released in 1994.


The ARM700 integrates an ARM7 CPU core, MMU, 8 kB of cache and 8 entry write buffer. The CPU core supports 26 and 32 bit modes, and implements the ARMv3 instruction set. It uses a 3 stage pipeline similar to earlier ARM CPUs. It is very similar to the older ARM6 core, but can run below 5V.

The primary difference between the 700 and the more common 710 is the former has a coprocessor bus, and can interface to an FPA11 floating point coprocessor.


Acorn prototyped an ARM700 CPU card for the RiscPC. The ARM700 was paired with an FPA11. Clock frequencies vary between existing cards, 25, 30 and 33 MHz have all been seen.

The ARM700 appears on Acorn's roadmap for the RiscPC at launch in 1994, then the 33 MHz ARM700+FPA card was announced in 1995. However, the release was cancelled due to limited interest vs the 40 MHz ARM710. A number of cards were made available outside the company and several are in the hands of collectors.