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The ARM610 is a CPU designed by ARM Ltd, and originally released in 1993. It was designed for and first used in the Apple Newton, and subsequently used in the RiscPC.


The ARM610 integrates an ARM6 CPU code, MMU, 4 kB of cache and 8 entry write buffer. The CPU core supports 26 and 32 bit modes, and implements the ARMv3 instruction set. It uses a 3 stage pipeline similar to earlier ARM CPUs.

While performance-wise the CPU core and cache are very similar to the older ARM3, the introduction of a write buffer improves performance by approximately 30% at the same clock speed.


Two variants of the ARM610 were used in the RiscPC. The first, used in the original 1994 machines, was manufactured by GEC Plessey Semiconductor and is rated at 30 MHz. The second, used in the second generation 1995 machines, was manufactured by VLSI Technology Inc and is rated at 33 MHz.